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New Presentation: The Changing Geopolitcs of Energy

On Monday 26 January, Sir Ronald spoke at an Energy Conference in Trinidad and Tobago on The Changing Geopolitics of Energy.  The Conference, which attracted hundreds of representatives from the private sector, government and academia, was held as oil and gas prices continued to decline with damaging effects to regional oil producers such as Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago, and the US announced that it is now the world's number one producer of oil and gas.  In his presentation, Sir Ronald said: "Acting together the countries of the region can take advantage of low cost oil to diversify their energy sources, improve their energy security, reduce cists and make their economies more competitive in tourism and manufacturing,  But to do so will require governments and the private sector acting in concert and cohesion - not beggar the neighbour policies.".   The full text of Sir Ronald's presentation can be read in the "Lectures" section of this website. 

An interview with Sir Ronald at the Energy Conference can also be seen in the "Videos" section under "Lectures and Interviews".

Energy Conference Trinidad January 2015


Latest Commentaries

A new commentary has been posted. It is entitled: Terrorism is not a Western problem only.  It argues that the solution to terrorism cannot not lie in the actions of any one government or in actions fashioned by Western governments alone. If Western governments by themselves devise only militaristic and criminal formulae for curbing terrorism which they then attempt to impose on the rest of the world, those formulae won’t work. What is required is an inclusive approach that brings together leaders of Muslim, Hindu, Christian and secular states to discuss ways in which they can collaborate to address this deadly and grave problem in the interest of all nations, including surveillance, intelligence sharing military co-operation and alleviating poverty and unemployment.