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A new commentary has been posted. It is entitled: Venezuela in financial difficulty, will Petro Caribe survive?   Despite the unwelcome outcome of the OPEC meeting for Venezuela, Petro Caribe beneficiary countries, including those in the Caribbean, will continue to benefit even as the Venezuelan economy reels from the impact of US$40 a barrel less in income for its oil. The beneficiary countries have good reason for appreciating the goodwill and co-operation of the Maduro Government.   They would best show it not only by building-up their foreign reserves to cope with future increases in oil prices that will inevitably come, but also by actually repaying the loan component of the oil shipments they now receive. 

Venezuela's Foreign Minister Rafael Ramirez disappointed at OPEC November 2014 decision

The previous commentary is: Inadequate response to Ebola should not be repeated with Chickungunya.  It says the current figure of 780,000 reported cases of chickungunya in the Americas is more than likely to rise, unless every country implements the measures necessary to eradicate the mosquito carriers. For the smaller and less resourced countries to act effectively they will need both a comprehensive national effort and international support in the form of money and technical support.In the words of the WHO’s Dr Nuttal: “If the world wants global security, we have to work together to ensure poor countries have stronger health systems, including early warning systems to report outbreaks earlier”.

Dr Isabella Nuttal of the World Health Organisation


Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters (D.Litt) for Sir Ronald

On Friday October 24th, Sir Ronald was conferred with the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters (D.Litt) by the University of the West Indies at its St Augustine Campus in Trinidad and Tobago.  Sir Ronald also delivered an address to the graduating class of 2014.   His address and the citation appear in the "Lectures and Interviews" section of this website.

Sir Ronald Sanders addressing 2014 UWI graduating Social Sciences Faculty at St Augustine, Trinidad