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A new commentary is posted, entitled: No Quick Fix in Haiti.  It argues that peace and development will be endangered in Haiti if the United States and other nations insist that the interim government holds the second round of a truncated election for a President of the Republic without a verification process of the first round that took place on October 25 last year.
Jovenel Moise, the front runner in the Haitian Presidential Elections
A previous commentary is: Lessons from the Panama Papers from which its turns out that some leaders who have railed against what they described as "tax havens" have been revealed to have benefited from companies set up in secrecy in Panama.   In looking at the issue, the commentary argues that Caribbean jurisdictions have to ensure that they are not deiberately tarred with the same brush as Panama since they are not "secret" jurisdictions. 
British Prime Minister David Cameron and his father Ian who set up a Panamanian company in which his son had shares.
The previous comnentary look at a meerting of the Permanent Council of the Organisation of American States held on 30 March to discuss the unfair practices that have wrongly targeted Caribbean jurisdictions as tax havens, occasioning the loss of long established correspendent relations in the US and Europe. 

Click on the URL Link below to view the entire session of the OAS Permanent Council on this issue:

 Sir Ronald Sanders, Chairing Permanent Council of the Organisation of American States