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A new commentary has been posted. It is entitled: Lee Kuan-Yew's Caribbean rescue.  The commentary recalls the Singapore leader's crucial role at the 1983 Commonwealth Summit in Delhi when the mood of the developing countries was to condemn Eastern Caribbean countries, Jamaica and Barbados for participating with the United States to invade Grenada after a military coup.  Lee's intervention rescued the Caribbean nations from the public criticism of the Commonwealth and opened the way for a study of security challenges in small states.

Lee Kuan Yew, The Queen and India's Prime Minister Indira Gandhi

The previous commentary is:Vanuatu and Tuvalu: Inadequate response to human suffering. The commentary points out that, in its report to Commonwealth Heads of Government, “A Commonwealth of the People: Time for Urgent Reform”, the Eminent Persons Group had recommended that the 53-nation Commonwealth establish a disaster management capacity.  Unfortunately the recommendation was not implemented. Therefore, the Commonwealth as an organisation has not responded well to the human tragedy in the Pacific.

Cyclone Pam's path of destruction in Vanuatu

 The previous commentary is:US and Venezuela: Don't fan the flames, put out the fire.  It points out that the United States government says that the sanctions being applied against Venezuelan officials are aimed at the promotion and protection of human rights while the Venezuelan government regards US actions as designed to overthrow it.  Since the two countries are signatories to the 2001 Inter-American Democratic Charter which upholds both “non-intervention” and the “promotion and protection of human rights, there is a basis that could be used to bring the countries to the table of dialogue.  The role of the Caribbean should be to help broker a dialogue.

US President Obama and Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro - the heat goes on.