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A new commentary has been posted. It is entitled: Tourism competition is not a guessing game.  Pointing out that the 2015 Competitive Index report provides important data and analysis of the factors that make for success in Travel and Tourism as well as the issues that obstruct the industry’s development, the commentary says it is regrettable that many Caribbean countries were excluded from the Index because of insufficient data by which to measure their strengths and weaknesses. Without information on how they perform against their competitors, Governments and the private sector will not be able to identify the requirements to do better.  Guessing is no basis for successful planning or effective competition.

Heritage sites such as India's Taj Mahal improve tourism competitiveness

The previous commentary is: Guyanese electorate showed maturity despite intense frustration. Counting to determine the winner and loser in an election occurs simultaneously with the rising emotions of a public eager to know the results. The laborious requirements that the electoral law imposes on GECOM delayed a definitive declaration for five days – far too long by any standard.

Former Guyana President Donald Ramotar and current President David Granger

Sir Ronald recognised by Canadian University


TORONTO, Canada -- Antigua and Barbuda diplomat, writer and academic, Sir Ronald Sanders, has been elected as a Senior Fellow at Massey College in the University of Toronto. The announcement of his election was made by the Master of Massey College, Hugh Segal.

Sir Ronald Sanders
He joins leading Canadian academics and captains of industry in the inter-disciplinary activities of Massey College, including governance, diplomacy, business and international affairs.

Sir Ronald now has the distinction of concurrently being a Senior Fellow at two Universities in different Commonwealth countries. Guyana-born Sanders is also a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the University of London, England.

Last October, his work as an advocate for Caribbean and Commonwealth causes was recognised by the University of the West Indies when he was accorded the honour of Doctor of Letters (D. Litt) by the University’s Senate and Council.

Sir Ronald has had a career as a senior diplomat and business executive. He has held many elected international and Caribbean positions, including as a member of the Executive Board of UNESCO and Chairman of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force.

Having also served the 53-nation Commonwealth in many capacities, he is now a nominee for the post of Commonwealth Secretary-General.