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New Commentaries

New commentaries have been added.   See Commentaries section.  The most recent is: The Caribbean confronting its demons.  The commentary focuses especially on the compelling realities of Climate Change on the Caribbean's future and on the bogus pledges made at the Paris 2015 Climate Change conference.  It argues that the current Ciimate Conference in Poland will be no better.   However, Sanders sees hope in the release of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy from an almost decade-long 'pause'.   At least there is renewed recognition of the importance of integegration to fight Cliamte Change and much more besides.  But Sanders is realistis that only 6 of the 14 Heads of Government attended the Conference and even then there was a relucance by some to adopt what amounts to 'baby steps' on the much needed road to integration.   He credits Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley with lifting the dead hand of her indifferent predecessort from the starter motor of the regional engine.