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A commentary has been addded entitled; Transparency in passports and residence vital.  Published widely on 9 February 2017, it argues that If the governments of countries that operate Citizenship by Investment Programmes (CBIps) believe that CBIPs are important to revenue generation so as to maintain and advance economic and social development, the more transparent they are the better.  No other country should have doubts about them – not in a world where almost everything is capable of cross-border movement.   And, while transparency is crucially important – and that is the commitment that the government of Antigua and Barbuda has made with its new policy – an intense vetting of potential citizenship and passport recipients is absolutely vital.

Latest News in Pictures

Hosting a meeting at the Antigua and Barbuda Embassy in Washington, DC of diplomatic representatives of St Lucia (Ambassador Anton Edmunds, St Kitts-Nevis Ambassador Thelma Phillip-Browne and St Vincent Deputy Chief of Mission Omari Williams)

Meeting the Cuban Ambassador to the United States, Jose Cabanas Rodriguez at the Antigua and Barbuda Embassy on Tuesday, 21st February

With the Ambassador of Ecudaor to the United States, Francisco Borja Cevallos, talking Ecuador-Antigua and Barbuda relations on 13 February 2017

 With US Congressman Gus Bilikakis (Dem,Fl) for talls on Caiptol Hill in Washington

With Charlie Crist, US Congressman (Dem, Fl) for discussions on US-Antigua and Barbuda matters

 With US Senator Jeff Duncan, Chair Foreign Relations Committee talking energy and Citizenship by Investement Programmes in the Caribbean

 With Professor Louis Gates Jr at the Smithsonian National Musuem of African American History in Washington, DC after an evening of enlightening presentations on the neglected story of the building of the US 

"The Future of Caribbean Financial Services"

A paper delivered by Sir Ronald Sanders on Friday, 17 February 2017 in Panama at a Conference organised by Goethals Consulting Group can be found in the 'Lectures' section of this website.

It is available in English and Spanish.