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 Presenting Haiti Report at the OAS
Sir Ronald Sanders led a Special Mission to Haiti amid a constitutional and political crisis that threatened to reduce the country to chaos and confusion.  The Mission contributed to a political solution to the crisis through an agreement to establish machinery to govern the country until Presidential elections are held on April 24 and a new President installed following the end of President Michel Martelly's term on February 7 without an elected successor.  Sir Ronald delivered a report on the Special Mission to the Permanent Council of the Organisation of American States on 21 February.   The report can be read on this website under the "Interviews and Lectures" section.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders - US Presidential hopefuls

In a new commentary written from a ring-side seat in Washington DC, a new commentary has been poster, entitled: Can Sanders trump Trump?   Sir Ronald looks at the primary elections that are currently taking place by the Republican and Democratic Parties as they each look for a candidate.  Sir Ronald considers Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders who lead the polls among the candidates for their parties.  He concludes that Sanders is the opposite of  rump. Between them they represent the extremes of American society  If the Presidential election ends up as a contest between Sanders and Trump, the rest of the world will wait to exhale.