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EU countries and US offer Citizenship by investment programmes

Two new comentaries have been added.  One deals with the end of the US 'wet foot, dry foot' policy toward Cuban migrants and its implications.  It is entitled: "The end of 'wet foot, dry foot' - a gift to whom?".  The previous commentary considers a CBS Televsion programme '60 minutes' on Citizenship by investment Programmes in the Caribbean.  It is entitled: "Passports: Sale or Saviour".  It argues that the citizenship programmes are run by countries all over the world including the US and European nations.   The reason is the same in every case - an injection of cash in the economy for economic development.  The issue is not the merit of the programme per se but the rigour and carefullness that are applied to passport recipients.

Michelle Obama

A previous commentary is entitled, Outraged for black womanhood.   It argues that the re-instatment to her job of Pamela Ramsey Taylor, the director of a Clay County, West Virginia, non-profit who was removed from her post after she called Michelle Obama an “ape in heels” in a November Facebook post, is not only blatant racism getting a pass; it is a most disturbing endorsement of it. Worse yet, it is a savage attack on black womanhood – something to which every right-minded person anywhere in the world should respond with robust indignation.   Taylor’s crass and vulgar remark has been rewarded.  That reward opens wide the door to similar – if not worse – assaults on the dignity of black women.